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Anti-aging Tips for Men

Men have always been portrayed as the rough and tough gender which has no liking whatsoever for the beauty regimen followed by girls, to keep their skin glowing and younger looking. Men who took extra care of their skin and tried to follow anti-aging skin care, were looked upon as sissy’s and non-macho types. Even the cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies had an extensive line up of anti-aging skin care products and wrinkle creams for women. The skin care market concentrated solely on women and anti-aging skin care products for men took a back seat.

Today, a whole new generation of men has revolutionized the entire skin care and anti-aging industry by becoming conscious. Men no longer shy away from getting beauty treatments and skin care therapies that enhance their rugged looks and help them maintain a younger looking skin. Men have become more concerned about their skin and take anti-aging skin care quite seriously. There are number of beauty companies that have an exclusive line up of beauty products and anti-aging products for men.

Skin Care Tips
Research has proven, that men although have tougher skin than women, are still prone to aging just like women. The reasons that make men more susceptible to the signs of aging are:

  • Men have rougher skin than women, as they shave almost daily, making it more prone to premature aging. One of the first anti-aging skin care tip while shaving is to frequently change the shaving blades. Cleanse the facial skin before you begin shaving. Use warm water (not hot) to make the outer layer of skin soft. Apply shaving cream that soothes the sensitive skin and prevents inflammation. Create plenty of lather to make the skin moist and soft. Never shave without applying shaving cream. Shave in the direction of hair growth and rinse the area often. Rinse your face after shaving with cool water. Apply a non-astringent, toning after shave lotion to soothe the skin. Apply an anti-aging face cream with moisturizer to keep your skin young and smooth.
  • Skin remains firm, elastic and pliant with the production of collagen and elastin. As one ages, the production of these hormones decreases, making the skin sag and wrinkled. Thus, men should opt for skin creams that help in building collagen and elastin in their skin.
  • Men tend to expose themselves to the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun more often than women. UV rays damage their skin leading to early aging. Thus, anti-aging face creams with UV ray protection are the right choice for men when looking for anti-aging products. Anti-aging skin care products containing sunscreens with UV blockers, consisting of 25% titanium dioxide and 20% zinc oxide or SPF 35 help combat the UV ray effects.
  • Men tend to perspire more than women and thus lose more amount of water from their body. This dehydration of the body leads to dry skin that is damaged and more wrinkled. Thus, anti-aging skin care should include more fluid intake, to help their body make up for the loss due to perspiration and for rejuvenating the body.
  • Men also tend to neglect their eating habits and do not follow a healthy diet regime. Thus, lack of proper nutrients makes their skin dull and prone to aging. Anti-aging skin care includes intake of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. to help maintain the nutritional and vitamin A and vitamin E levels in their body. These vitamins are very essential in delaying the unwanted signs of aging.
  • Deep cleansing the face removes all the impurities from the skin pores and controls the excessive oil production. Thus, helping men to flush out the dirt, debris, dead skin cells from their skin pores, making their skin clean. This helps in preventing acne and wrinkles.
  • Smoking is another factor that makes the skin age before time. Vascoconstiction of veins due to nicotine in cigarettes causes poor blood circulation. This reduces the distribution of nutrients to the skin and hence, causes damage to the skin, leading to unhealthy and wrinkled skin. Thus, anti-aging skin care includes cutting down heavily on the cancer sticks.
  • For sensitive skin men should include use of organic anti-aging creams. Glycolic acid from alpha hydroxy acid which is extracted from sugarcane, malic acid extracted from apples etc. are organic anti-aging wrinkle creams and the ingredients are beneficial for men with sensitive skin.

These are a few anti-aging skin care tips, that help minimize the signs of aging in men. It is important to follow anti-aging skin care regime, to maintain a healthy and good-looking skin. It is advised to take good care of the neck area as well, as it is the skin on the neck that shows the tell-tale signs of aging more, than any other part of the body, according to dermatologists. Use a sunscreen and moisturizer daily to maintain a younger, fresh looking skin. It is no longer strange for men to take care and be worried about aging skin. Anti-aging skin care is just as important as the physical regime followed by a macho man. It is no longer a taboo for men to participate in skin treatments and use anti-aging skin care products. Adapt this and enhance your handsome face.

Finding Anti Aging Vitamins for Women

Aging is an unavoidable thing that happens to every living being. Due to this process, the ability of the body to process various important nutrients gets reduced, and the results start to show up on health of the skin and hair. To avoid the same, a proper supply of important nutrients that can rejuvenate the body is a must. There are many vitamins present in the environment having many anti-aging properties, or at least having abilities to delay the process and visible signs of aging. These are also manufactured in the form of pills and supplements, and hence, one can get their artificial dosage.

List of Vitamins

These nutrients are actually an army of vitamins, performing various functions, like slowing the process of growing old, supporting the immune system, increasing energy levels of the body, and stabilizing the female hormonal imbalance. A woman’s body needs several such stimulants that are different than those required for a man. Nutrients, like amino acid, antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid, bioflavonoids, neuronutrients, enzymes, and several other substances are required for a healthy body. Every women in and after her 30s must provide her body with all these nutrients in some way or the other.

In this quest of providing energy to the body, many people tend to lose a lot of money, which is totally wrong. The essential, natural stimulants are the cheapest ingredients available that have loads of properties to slow down the process of getting old. Taking 5 to 10 servings daily is an extremely easy option compared to going on a spending spree to find various supplement, expensive creams, and other beauty products.

Vitamin A

It is rich in antioxidants, which help the body to get rid of the free radicals and several other resultants of metabolic activities, that cause toxic effects on the body and fasten the aging process. Antioxidants are available in abundance in the fresh fruits, like various types of berries, cherries, grapes, green tea, etc., which are great sources. An overdose can cause the harmful effect of sunlight to accentuate itself onto the skin and make the skin more prone towards damage. An adequate amount combined with several sunscreen lotions can be a great formula for women.

Vitamin B Complex

This is a great source of magnificent nutrients that are very important for proper body functioning. Vitamin B3 and B6 are the greatest sources meant for women. The former helps the body to convert calories derived from fat, carbohydrates, and proteins, into energy. It also helps to regulate the digestive system and promotes health of the nerves. The latter increases the brain functioning and promotes healthy cells and cell rejuvenation. Sources include fish, poultry, meat, eggs, seeds, nuts, whole grains, bananas, etc.

Vitamin C

It is a great source of antioxidants found in the skin. It is present in many citrus fruits and vegetables. It is also considered as a skin damage repairing agent that also helps the cells to develop anti-carcinogenic properties. It is very proactive in the skin ,and its levels can get reduced due to minimal exposure to the sun as well. 55% of its content from our skin is damaged due to various reasons, like pollution, UV rays, and smoking. Hence, it is a must to provide the body with ample amounts of rich, natural products or supplements containing this nutrient.

Vitamin E

It is also rich with antioxidant properties that are required for health of the skin and hair. It plays a vital role in delaying the process of growing old, and makes the skin look younger and smooth. It protects the membranes of the cell and prevents the damage of the cell enzymes. It is abundantly available in dairy products, grains, nuts, and vegetable oils. It is a proven fact that 400 mg of its consumption, daily, improves skin texture and delays the visible signs of age.

Along with the above mentioned ones, there are several other vitamins that can be a real consecrate. Vitamin K, D, selenium, calcium, etc., can also fulfill our needs. Consumption of such foods for skin care and using several supplements in the right amount can work great for the process in question. Wrinkle creams, combined with the above mentioned supplements is a great thing to try. The only problem with the artificial products is that they are expensive and have a short term effect. Whereas, natural resources are plenty that can rejuvenate the skin from inside and the effects can last longer than expected.

No one can, of course, avoid the inevitable process of aging, but with the advancement of science and technology, we can surely delay the process. Application of several over-the-counter supplements is another great option. They can provide you with a beautiful skin and a fine complexion.

Best Tips to Prevent Aging

Who wouldn’t give an arm and a leg to turn back the hands of time? We would go back and correct all the mistakes we made and would try to do everything right. But more than anything, the chance to re-live our youth is what will attract most of us. Yes, if only there was a way to reverse those wrinkles and fine lines. Although there is no magical anti-aging potion, there are a few remedies that you can try out to keep aging at bay. Don’t believe me? Read the simple tips given below.

  • One question that you must ask yourself is whether you smile enough. You would be surprised at how much better just about anyone would look if only they smiled a lot more!
  • Our skin is a reflection of our diet. So, if you want soft and healthy skin which will fool anyone into thinking you’re still a twenty something, then eat right! There are many different anti-aging foods that you can concentrate on for the same.
  • One best remedy is to maintain a proper skin care routine. A skin care routine needn’t mean being vain enough to stand before the mirror all day long but simply following a regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine will work better than any other anti aging skin care product in the market!
  • Pamper yourself once in a while! Go to that spa you were always apprehensive about going to. Get that tan. Whatever makes you happy is bound to work as one of the natural remedies.
  • If you do not really have the time nor money to go out, then pamper yourself at home! Do a pedicure or just a thorough skin massage.
  • Are you annoyed by those puffy eyes and dark circles which simply add decades to your age? Well, then one of the home remedies is to simply place a cotton ball soaked in rose water, or slices of cucumber or raw potato on the affected area once in a while. You’ll see your dark circles vanish in no time!
  • There are a few anti aging creams that you can try out, if all else fails that is. You never know what may end up suiting your skin type.
  • Aging skin treatments need not always be done at a doctor’s clinic. One of the natural remedies is to opt for homemade face packs that will leave your facial skin glowing. Nothing works better than natural skin care when you want to reverse the effects of aging.
  • Besides eating right, if you wish to take advantage of the various supplements that are available, then you can opt for anti aging supplements which will help your face and skin appear young and glowing.
  • Drink lots of water! Being dehydrated always shows through and dehydrated skin adds years to our age. So, stay hydrated all the time.

There are many people that dread the entire process of aging. Well, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. One doesn’t need to opt for cosmetic surgery when there are so many anti-aging tips to make use of. So, before you intent to go under the knife, try out these simple natural anti aging measures for some worthwhile results. Like I always say, growing old is compulsory but looking old is optional! So, stay fit and look young!

Finding Anti-aging Vitamins for Skin

images-3Aging is inevitable. All humans are destined to become old after a particular biological age. No one can escape aging. But the desire to look young and beautiful with a glowing skin is something that everyone longs for. This desire is especially strong in women. In this era of a hectic lifestyle, poor dietary habits, and stressed-out work environment, many men and women suffer from early aging. Appearance of fine lines around the eyes and on the forehead has become quite common in young people from the age of 20s. In case you are among such early-aging victims, then you must be searching for an effective solution. Vitamins are essential for nurturing good health, and hence for a shiny, well-toned and young looking skin too.

Vitamins are tiny compounds required in small quantities by your body. They carry out many vital biochemical functions. They act as hormones, mediators of cell signaling, regulators of cell and tissue growth differentiation, and antioxidants. Your body is not able to make vitamins in sufficient quantities, and so, it is very necessary to obtain them from outside food sources.

Science supports the fact that vitamins play an important role in anti-aging, or in more clear words, in delaying the process of aging. Their sufficient intake gives your body, especially your skin, a shine, tonicity, and youthfulness. They are also responsible for many physiological roles. The following ones play a major role in anti-aging. They form the basis of anti-aging wrinkle creams.

Types of Vitamins

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

  • Helps in the conversion of calories from fat, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy.
  • Boosts digestive system.
  • Promotes health of the nerves and skin.

Sources: Peanuts, eggs, meat, yeast, fish, and poultry.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

  • Increases function of the brain.
  • Is necessary for the conversion of proteins into energy.
  • Is responsible to involve other vitamins that promote healthy cells for proper cell rejuvenation.

Sources: Pork, eggs, fish, poultry, whole grains, soybean, nuts, bananas, seeds, and oats.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

  • It improves your skin’s resistance to UV damage.
  • Acts as an antioxidant, which helps your body of harmful toxins that reduce the effects of your anti-aging efforts.
    Sources: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes, and green tea.

    Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

  • Is important in repairing free radicals, and prevents them from accelerating the aging process.
  • Boosts healthy diet.
  • Strengthens immune system.

    Vitamin K

  • Plays the role of an antioxidant.
  • Know to prevent degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis and heart diseases.
  • Reduces damage to heart valves.
  • Regulates the flow of calcium out of the arteries, and directs it into the bones.

In this beauty and looks conscious age, having a charming and pleasant personality has become a requirement. Not only women, but men also have started to care for their appearance. But no one can deny the fact that good looks without a clean and glowing skin is impossible. Anti-aging does not only mean maintaining good looks and appearance, but it is more about physical fitness and health. Therefore, in addition to taking these nutrients, you should also focus on following a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.